If you are a motivated undergraduate student interested in cognition and percetion, we encourage you to contact us about research volunteer opportunities!

Van Hedger

Stephen Van Hedger - Asst. Professor of Psychology (Principal Investigator)
Stephen received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago (Dept. of Psychology) in 2015. He completed two postdoc positions. The first was at the University of Chicago (Dept. of Psychology, Center for Practical Wisdom) working jointly with Dr. Howard Nusbaum and Dr. Marc Berman. The second was at Western University (Dept. of Psychology, Brain and Mind Institute) as a BrainsCAN Postdoctoral Fellow, working jointly with Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude and Dr. Laura Batterink. Feel free to take a look at his CV, Google Scholar profile, or email him.


Irina Petrovic - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Irina is co-affiliated with the CoNCH Lab (PI: Ingrid Johnsrude) has been working with Dr. Van Hedger since January 2019. She is currently in her third year in the Medical Sciences program at Western University, pursuing an Honours Specialization degree in Physiology and Pharmacology (BMSc). Outside of the lab, she is an avid reader, photographer, and pianist.


Amish Gaur - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Amish is co-affiliated with the CoNCH Lab (PI: Ingrid Johnsrude) and is in his fourth year BMSc, Honour’s Specialization in Pathology. Amish would like to pursue a career path that allows him to utilize his background in science to actively learn about and contribute to the understandings of the human body (especially the brain!). Hobbies include reading fictional literature, playing golf and racquet sports, and (recently) baking.


Astha Subhash - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Astha is co-affiliated with the CoNCH Lab (PI: Ingrid Johnsrude) and is a third year Medical Sciences student, hoping to do a thesis in physiology. Astha wants to go to medical school after undergrad and pursue a career in oncology. She has a passion for dance, particularly Bollywood dancing. She has participated in many competitive dance competitions and continues to do so. In addition, Astha also plans on attending culinary school at one point in her life as cooking is also a passion of hers.


Huda Khudhair - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Huda is a third-year in the Psychology program at Huron and has been working in the HAP Lab since February 2021. Her hobbies include (1) reading, (2) early morning walks/jogs, (3) listening to '50s/'60s music, and (4) coffee making as a home barista.

Honours Thesis Students

Giuliana Brancato ("The Effects of Virtual Walks on Health and Well-Being")
Hannah Cormier ("The Role of Attention in Inducing Cross-Modal Aftereffects")